Configuring Group 500 and 300 with RP1




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    Hi Bob and RP1Cloud community,

    We can create such a layout where participating sites are not able to see each other whilst only viewing the lecturer. In this setup the lecturer will be viewable to all participants with content if shared.

    Additionally, to note you will want to you use your RP1 portal meeting controls to ensure your participants are muted. Once a participant starts speaking for more than 30 seconds they will then become the lecturer and main video stream in focus.

    Right now, we don’t have a global option where individuals can select the segment desired to be recorded but recommend you please submit a feature request here:

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    Hi Bob, thank you for your questions with us!  As you know, we ended up continuing this conversation via our ticket #31106.  For our community members, we will summarize a response in case anyone else is interested as this may help answer other inquires.

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