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    Mark Ruberry

    Hello there Matt,

    Although RP1Cloud currently only supports it's internal authentication method when logging into the RP1Cloud portal, we can see the value that LDAP Integration would have, especially from a provisioning/management perspective. That way an enterprise user would be able to use the same credentials they currently use across their corporate environment.

    In terms of authorizing participants to join a meeting, currently we have a participant code in place which can be set by the user, and used to allow/deny access to the meeting room.

    What you are describing sounds a bit more in-depth, and from what I can gather, would require the participant to have an RP1Cloud account. Although we do not want to force all meeting participants to be an RP1Cloud member just to join a meeting, you bring up a good point about a possible 'internal meeting workflow' that could be a good solution for this customer user case. I'll forward this suggestion upward to our engineering team, as perhaps this is something we can look into when building out our roadmap, and might have value across other industries beyond medical.

    Thanks for the feedback Matt. Please do not hesitate to submit any other customer comments our way.



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